Now We're Cooking With Butter... does that count as a part time job?

"The 114,000 jobs created would have been a good number... but for 1962, not 2012. The U.S. economy needs 2-3 times that number every month to close the jobs gap."

"Digging beneath the veneer, the quality of these so-called Household jobs is called into question, seeing as part-time work for 'economic reasons' dominated with a 582K run-up in September. And upon closer inspection of the actual amount of slack in the labor market, the more inclusive U6 unemployment rate that does a much better job at capturing underemployment remain stubbornly stuck at 14.7%." 

Soo-Do Nim asks: could the recent change in what qualifies as "federal work activity" be linked to the sudden addition last month of 500k part time "home jobs"?

In 2005, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office reported that several states listed as part of their definition of a “federal work activity” under TANF the following:
1. Bed rest
2. Personal care activities
3. Massage
4. Exercise
5. Journaling
6. Motivational reading
7. Smoking cessation
8. Weight loss promotion
9. Participating in parent teacher meetings
10. Helping a friend or relative with household tasks and errands. 
I wonder if standing in a Union protest rally or pro-Obama rally for $10 an hour also qualifies as... a new part time job too? Or clicking thru on a "work from home" link? Practicing bass guitar?





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  1. The Household survey certainly does have loose requirements.